BoyWithUke’s “Can You Feel It?”: An Indie Rock Evolution


BoyWithUke, also known as Charley Yang, has just released his latest single, “Can You Feel It?” via AWAL. This indie rock track marks a significant shift for the artist, as it is his first release since revealing his identity last fall. With the ukulele set aside, “Can You Feel It?” ushers in a new era for BoyWithUke, embracing a more personal and daring sound.

The song opens with a cinematic piano intro, setting the stage for a blend of rock, electronic, and hip-hop influences. The track’s complex layers and introspective lyrics capture the essence of change and growth. BoyWithUke describes the song as both fun and challenging to create, highlighting its unique lack of traditional structure.

Accompanying the release is a captivating Fight Club-inspired music video. Directed with the quality of a Hollywood film, it features choreographed fight scenes and surreal, reality-bending effects. The video portrays BoyWithUke as both the hero and the villain, battling his inner demons. Fans have noted a recurring theme in his videos where he gets kidnapped, adding an intriguing narrative layer to his visuals.

BoyWithUke’s rise to fame was unique, as he maintained anonymity behind an Amazon-purchased mask. This allowed him to produce deeply personal music without revealing his face. Hits like “Toxic,” “IDGAF” (ft. blackbear), and “Migraine” resonated with millions, blending genres from bedroom pop to alternative rock and hip-hop.

In October 2023, BoyWithUke unveiled his face on social media alongside the release of his album Lucid Dreams. His fans’ overwhelming support has fueled his continued success, including a memorable performance on Jimmy Kimmel. Now fully unmasked and embracing his true self, “Can You Feel It?” showcases BoyWithUke’s evolution as an artist.

Fresh off a sold-out Lucid Dreams tour and a breakout performance at the BottleRock Festival, BoyWithUke is set to make his debut at Lollapalooza this summer. This new chapter in his career promises to break down genre barriers and deliver more heartfelt music.

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Joshua Madsen
Joshua Madsen
Joshua is a graduate of St. Lawrence University, holding a BA in Political Science and Journalism. He is currently a summer intern For Melodic Magazine, a freelance writer, and a woodworker.

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