ALBUM REVIEW: Bleachers // Gone Now


By Kristina Balboa
Yesterday, June 2nd, marked the release of many anticipated albums one being Gone Now by Bleachers.

I had high expectations for this new Bleachers album after the release of Strange Desire back in 2014, with the catchy-hit singles “I Wanna Get Better”, “Rollercoaster”, and many more. The year following the release of Strange Desire, Jack Antonoff (Bleachers) produced and released Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2; an all female cover album of songs off of Strange Desire. Finally two years later and front man, Jack Antonoff, gives us something to cling onto which we will call Gone Now.

Just like any other years-later music album or any movie sequel, part of me was worried that maybe this one won’t quite live up to the expectations I’ve built up in my mind.
Happy to say, I haven’t stopped listening to this album since it released. I spent a day and a half dissecting these lyrics, realizing some bits and pieces were given to us in interviews and social media posts here and there.

This album has a very genuine and raw feel to it. Listening to this album song after song feels like listening to an acquaintance become a friend, someone opening up to you in ways you’d never imagine.

A large majority of these songs are deep-emotional-roars-of-thunder lyrically, but happy-go-lucky jams melodically. Listening to this album, it becomes very obvious that these songs are quite personal to Jack of his struggles, his insecurities, and his dreams. This album also proved that he is a lyrical genius, having taken a major role in all of the songwriting, and has taken his experiences and shaped them in an open-ended kind of way that can relate to anyone. If you too can relate, this will be the soundtrack to your life (or at least your Summer).

A few of my personal favorites included “Don’t Take the Money”, “Good Morning”, and “Everybody Lost Somebody”; but I couldn’t possibly just pick a single favorite song on this album. Many of the songs on Gone Now tie into one another in a way I’ve never experienced so much of.

Even the slower, typically not so dancy styled songs were really cool to listen to. The slower songs such as “Nothing Is U” and “All My Heroes” has an 80’s back beats that could undoubtedly get you moving and grooving.

This Bleachers album totally blew me out of the water. Its perfect when the car stereo volume is turned high and your windows are rolled down, and its perfect when you’re just laying on your bed after a long day. I can not wait to hear some of these new songs performed at Summerfest this year.

This universal album will be the perfect summer soundtrack for 2017. Gone Now is out now!

For more information on the new Bleachers album and upcoming tour check out the links below:
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