Weekly Roundup: April 29


Weekly Roundup April 29

Every Monday, we bring you a playlist filled with tracks the Melodic staff has been listening to on repeat. Hear some of our latest obsessions below:

Haiden Henderson- “Bleachers” The lyrics are like a punch in the gut, but in the best way possible. Haiden doesn’t just sing about heartbreak; he turns it into rocket fuel for his rise to the top. “So long, see you in the bleachers” hits hard with its defiant tone. You can practically feel the confidence oozing from every word. “You left but I won’t be the one to break.” And then there’s that bold claim about possibly stealing Hailey from Bieber and seeing his face on their friend’s t-shirt.

-Victoria Goodwin


Twenty One Pilots- “Backslide” “Backslide” joins the previously released tracks off the album, “Next Semester” and “Overcompensate.” “Overcompensate” has quickly climbed the Alternative Radio chart, currently sitting in the Top 3. These songs welcome listeners back into the immersive world of Trench created by Twenty One Pilots. The single came alongside a video for the song which was directed by the bands, Josh Dun.

-Mikaila Storrs


ROSIE- “Try Again” On “Try Again,” ROSIE puts all her worries and fears out on the table. In the beginning, she is accompanied by wistful acoustic guitar, gently telling listeners about someone who “had the heart of an angel / but the head of a fool.” The production then fills out as more instrumentation enters the picture, enhancing ROSIE’s warm pop vocals. She continues on, describing not only relationship fears but greater anxieties as well. ROSIE sings, “I’m scared I’ll never feel like I’m enough / That I’m a little too fragile to love,” and concluding, “But what scares me the most in the end / Is that we’ll never get to try again.”

-Christine Sloman


Marlin Beach- “Endless Summer” “Endless Summer” encapsulates Marlin Beach as a project. The track starts out with a funky guitar lick that’s reintroduced in the chorus, which you can hear the bass guitar begin to mimic. In the lyrics, Adloch repeats that he’s wishing for an endless summer (aren’t we all?) “Endless Summer” has all the elements of modern indie pop while still reeling in a vintage vibe to the track’s entirety. It’s danceable, relatable, and it’s perfect for your upcoming vacation.

-Caroline Speer

Hear the rest of the staff picks on the playlist!

Weekly Roundup April 29:

Teddy Swims- “Hammer to the Heart”
Laufey- “Bored”
Twenty One Pilots- “Backslide”
Justice, Tame Impala- “Neverender”
Alexander Stewart- “day i die”
Hovvdy- “Bad News”
EĐĐIE- “Sad Boy”
Stephen Sanchez- “The Other Side”
Cults- “Crybaby”
Wallows- “Bad Dream”
Tiny Habits- “Wishes”
Luke Hemmings- “Benny”
Crumb- “The Bug”
Liana Flores- “i wish for the rain”
Maya Hawke- “Hang In There”
Florist- “Riding Around in The Dark”
DAISY WORLD- “blindfold”
King Falcon- “Everybody’s Down”
CLAYTON- “Doormat”
Ocean Child- “Sun”
jxdn- “STRAY”
ROSIE- “Try Again”
Grant Landis- “can’t rescue u”
Kat Savvas- “Flames Into The Air”
Marlin Beach- “Endless Summer”
Haiden Henderson- “bleachers”
Blair Davie- “Prague”
SAINT KID- “Shooting Range”
Carol Ades- “Hope Is a Scary Thing”

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