Tess Anderson plays with fire in “Gaslight”


Tess Anderson Gaslight

Vancouver has a new voice for female rock, and it’s Tess Anderson. Her music pulls inspiration that ranges from Jazz to Rock N’ Roll, and it shines throughout her discography. Her catalog explores a wide range of emotions, creating anecdotal melodies that are vulnerable, yet relatable. We’re big fans of her storytelling in her single “Self Control”, which you can read about here. Anderson has been releasing music for years now, and she’s worked hard to gain the praise of indie labels, a grant from Amplify BC, and the judges of the 2020 Canadian Songwriter Challenge. She’s constantly raising the levels & outdoing herself.

Tess Anderson’s newest single “Gaslight” is her most cathartic work yet. The lyrics are cutthroat and brutally honest. If anything, this song is her way of saying “Try me.” The chorus ends with Tess beckoning, “You pour the gas, I’ll light it.” Her powerful vocal performance is all the evidence we need to believe her on that. The heavy instrumentation backs up the assertive tone of her words, making this a modern anthem for female empowerment.

Keep up with Tess Anderson: Spotify // Instagram // YouTube // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok // Website


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