Little Oil sings hallelujah in “Empty Vacant Pure Divine”


Little Oil Twelve Songs Cover

Little Oil began as a passion project by Victor Mitrani. Mitrani’s love for classic rock, indie, & blues inspired him to create his debut self-titled album Little Oil in 2021. Each of Little Oil’s songs is incredibly unique, showcasing his variety of musical influences. This year, he’s teamed up with some friends he’s made along the way to produce his second LP, Twelve Songs.

On Twelve Songs, you’ll find “Empty Vacant Pure Divine”. This single sounds like it could be on a Big Thief or even a Beatles record. The background harmonies add so much dimension to the track, making the listener feel like they’re in a room full of singers jamming along to the instrumentation. You can hear the combination of folk, indie, and blues come to life in this song. This could be the perfect beach day song or the soundtrack to your getaway in the mountains- the range is intoxicating and inviting.

Keep up with Little Oil: Spotify // Instagram // Bandcamp


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