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Kai Bosch retells his breakup through “Funny”

Kai Bosch Funny

Kai Bosch uses his discography as an autobiography, showcasing his personal experiences and inner thoughts and writing them to an alt-pop melody. His musical background began with secretly teaching himself piano as a way to cope with his queerness early on in his life. He recalls his influences at the time to be artists such as Lorde & Lana Del Rey- two singers who pour as much emotion as they can into their music. It’s no surprise that present-day Kai has put that practice to use as well, and plans on displaying that in his upcoming EP, Love, Throw Me A Bone.

The latest single off of the EP is “Funny”- a callout to Kai’s former partner. This track is dark, sarcastic, angry, and overall intoxicating from the start. The song jumps straight into a low, buzzy guitar melody that sets the tone. “Funny” explores the stark difference between rage and sadness following a heartbreak, and how it can be difficult to jump between those two emotions whilst in the middle of a grieving process. It’s sonically comparable to Wet Leg & Decklan Mckenna, as it has almost electronic-sounding heavy production and clean vocals. The lyrical honesty is something that makes this single stand out- you wouldn’t want to be the person who this song is about.

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