Temme Scott writes with an edge in “Softly”


Temme Scott Softly

Temme Scott has spent the past few years redefining her relationship with music. She approaches the music industry with honesty, striving to bring a sense of openness with her “take it or leave it” strong attitude. Scott’s vibe combines folk with modern indie pop, giving her room for experimentation with her unique lyricism and personality.

“Softly” is a powerful emotional outpour. It’s about Scott questioning the future she could have with someone and if they’ll make it through the harder parts together. This type of love song is relatable, yet rare to put into words. Temme Scott is unafraid to speak on the feelings that aren’t as pretty, and reach for answers to unsolved questions. The background harmonies highlight Temme’s crisp vocals and add a new layer of dimension and emotion to the track.

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