Mega Mango breaks the distance with “On The Line”


Mega Mango On The Line

What started as a group of college kids with a passion for music quickly turned into the indie-rock sensation now known as Mega Mango. This Philadelphia-based group combines indie rock with colorful electronic production elements to create their sound, which they’ve appropriately named “Phruitcore” to play off of the name of the group. Their debut single “You Spent All Your Love” was brought to life in 2018, and completely skyrocketed while the group was on hiatus. When they returned in 2021, they celebrated with three new singles, and they’ve been hard at work ever since. This led to their own headline tours, recording with Audiotree Live, and their latest project that’s been in the process of its full release.

Mega Mango’s latest single is “On The Line”- a long-distance love story told from the perspective of lead singer Crow Costello. Crow’s voice packs a punch like no other, which is especially showcased in their songs “You Spent All Your Love” and “Space Kids.” In “On The Line” the listener gets to understand their softer side as they sing the lines, “I forget what I said, but I knew what it meant to stay on the line.” Mega Mango’s musicality never fails to impress and throw surprises into their tracks- such as the quick break in the middle of the bridge that jumps into a high-pitched synth melody to accompany a gnarly bass riff (Shoutout Niko Jones.) This track blends its sweet subject matter and the band’s incredible musical skillset to create a completely original, unconventional love song.

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