Lizzy McAlpine returns with new single “Older”


Lizzy Mcalpine Older

Lizzy McAlpine is one of the biggest names in the singer-songwriter world right now, and there are good reasons for that. She began posting her originals to TikTok while studying music at Berklee, and then went on to start her bigger projects after gaining an audience online. Her 2022 sophomore album, Five Seconds Flat, combined Lizzy’s vulnerable songwriting with Philip Etherington’s modern-pop production style to create a record that packed a punch- both emotionally and instrumentally. After the touring and promotional period for Five Seconds Flat, McAlpine stepped back to begin perfecting her new album, Older, out on April 5th.

The title track from the upcoming album, “Older,” is a stripped-down display of honesty and nostalgia. The vocals and instrumentation on the track were all recorded simultaneously, which gives the song a hauntingly tender feel to it from start to finish. Lizzy made comments about the rest of the album being structured this way as well- very different from her previous albums that had heavier production elements to them. The subject matter of the song is a heartbreaking flashback into the singer’s past, and how she longs for the simplicity of youthful memories back. This track is not a casual listen, it’s a very raw and eye-opening look into the growth of McAlpine’s sound in her artistry.

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