Rosalie James Makes Peace with Her Inner-Child on “Soft Target”


Rosalie James is a Cornwall-based multi-instrumentalist shedding light on the effects of neurodivergence through her powerful songwriting. James’ latest release entitled “Soft Target” reflects on the stark transition from childhood to adulthood through the lens of neurodiversity and struggles with mental health.

“Soft Target” shines with effervescent riffs, soft crescendos of percussion, and poignantly sharp vocals that draw to mind images of nostalgia. James sings, “Hey paranoia / Shark in the water / Silver loving daughter on every stage.” Leaning into her warped perception of youth, the music video for “Soft Target” captures icons of adolescence like a chemistry experiment and costumes used to play pretend to evoke memories of our own pasts.”Soft Target” is a powerful time capsule of the misunderstandings of our upbringings seen through the eyes of retrospection.

Revealing more on her track, James admits, “This song is for the generations of women who weren’t diagnosed as neurodivergent until adulthood because they just seemed A Lot. It’s for the ‘over-sensitive drama queens,’ who attracted people that liked us a little crazy and vulnerable but had nothing to give us. I’m still awkward and difficult and scared of balloons. I lost a career and I’m full of chemicals. But I’m not alone. We’re not alone.”  

Off her upcoming Full Of Chemicals, “Soft Target” was produced by Daniel Knowles.


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