Wise John and Leo’s character work in “Standing In Sunlight”


Wise John x Leo Standing In Sunlight

Leo and Wise John became acquainted over TikTok. Wise John reached out to Leo with and idea, and suddenly the two were working on a double single appropriately named Duets while living hundreds of miles away from each other. Duets plays with character perspectives in its lyricism, and is also Wise John’s first self-produced project. In this project includes “Feelings” & “Standing In Sunlight”.

“Standing In Sunlight” is a beautiful story of the difference in personalities between Wise John and Leo. Wise John’s perspective is from someone who is figuring out what love looks like for him, while Leo confidently draws out exactly what it looks like for him. Whether you look at this as a duet or a song of comparison & contrast, the stark difference is wonderfully bittersweet. The production is airy and feels like spring- complete with strings, a shaker, and a bright piano melody that darkens just for the outro. This collaboration came at the perfect time as summer approaches, and whether you’re in love or not, there’s a line for you in this song that you’ll surely resonate with.

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