Lizzy McAlpine turns her crowd into a choir in “I Guess”


Lizzy McAlpine "I Guess"

Lizzy McAlpine never fails to captivate an audience with her vivid storytelling, entrancing melodies, and heartbreaking themes. Her third album, Olderwill be out on April 5th, and then she’s off to begin another headline tour. She began the rollout of Older on February 13th, with the release of the album’s title track. You can read all about the significance of “Older” here. During her last headline tour, McAlpine threw in some surprises for her sold-out crowds by performing a few unreleased songs- one of those was “I Guess”

“I Guess” is a non-love song filled with equal parts of uncertainty and acceptance. This track embraces the magic of a good buildup. The second verse teases quick strings and background vocals in between each phrase. The last verse of the song cuts back to just Lizzy’s voice and a few notes being played here and there. Right after she sings, “Wish it was easy, I wish I knew, What I was doing, But I never do,” we’re met once again with strings, drums, and a loud harmonic progression of ‘Oh’s. What’s so special about this outro? When Lizzy performed “I Guess” on the 2023 The End of The Movie tour, she taught her audience the melody and had the whole room sing it with her. During the Toronto show on this tour, she recorded the audience interaction and included it in the recorded version of the track. It adds another level of personality and intimacy into a beautiful song.

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