Oscilla combines synths and folk in “Tongue-Tied”


Oscilla Tongue Tied Cover

Grammy-nominated Frances England, aka Oscilla makes dreamy indie-synth music that’s not only easy, but pleasing to the ears. Her debut album Everlasting had an incredible response to it, earning spots on TV commercials for sync usage. To England, music brings community. She holds monthly writers rounds in her home of San Francisco, California. As someone who’s spent the last decade of her life making folk music, Frances England has made it prevalent that her experience in her field and artistry have grown and matured into her recent work under Oscilla, & her new project is going to be more fine-tuned and ambitious than ever.

“Tongue-Tied” came about after Frances got together with producer & collaborator Omar Akrouche. Frances and Omar spent a summer experimenting with sounds & production techniques to play around with Oscilla’s sound, and ended up with something colorful and unique. “Tongue-Tied” is a warm & hopeful folk tune. The lyrics are genuine and nostalgic, recalling tender moments with a loved one. The synth textures in this song completely elevate the indie-folk foundation it has. It’s beautiful standalone, and makes us excited to hear what’s next to come for Oscilla.

Keep up with Oscilla: Spotify // Instagram // Bandcamp // Website


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