Ella Galvin breaks away from a ‘situationship’ on “Do Not Disturb”


Recently, Ella Galvin gave us a sample of her upcoming debut EP in the form of its first single, “Spare Me.” With its eclectic layers of sound and introspective lyrics, it made a hearty impression and left us to wonder what the rest of the EP has to offer. Ella’s innovative and experimental style also came through, her experience performing with various fusion bands coming to the forefront in the song’s overall production. As she continues to make her way through 2024, Ella is following up “Spare Me” with the release of “Do Not Disturb.”

With “Do Not Disturb,” Ella leans into a more bedroom-pop sound. Over the pinging riffs that dance around the sleek and glitchy fast-paced beats, she gives us dreamy vocals that touch on the compelling nature of a “situationship” she had last year. She gives us conflicted lines like, “I’m not asking for much but do stay in touch / On the weekend when I’m feeling a lack of love / Just hold me like you care and like you’re gonna be there for me / Then I’ll put my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb.’” Ella ties things up with a voicemail at the end of the track, where we learn that her oscillating feelings towards this person have become more concrete. Excitedly, she tells this person, “I don’t understand how you think that you did nothing wrong, and you’re just not getting it, and it’s not my job to teach you…” You can listen to it all unfold below.

About “Do Not Disturb,” Ella shares,

“I wrote this song about a situationship I was in last year. Late at night on the weekend when I didn’t go out, I would put my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ but allowed notifications from this person. The lighthearted and energetic vibe, with a touch of playful over-editing, mirrors the carefree attitude I had towards this relationship. The song reflects my strange indifference but intrigue towards this relationship.”

You can listen to “Do Not Disturb” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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