Charles On TV works through his fear of getting older on “Quarter Century”


As summer was coming to a close last year, genre-bending artist Charles On TV released his neo-funk single “Another Reason Why.”  The track was a testament to his eclectic sound and ability to deliver heartfelt messages, carefully taking fans on a smooth yet dynamic stroll.  No matter what Charles is going through, he keep it real, keeps it moving, which is why he resonates with so many.  On his new single “Quarter Century,” Charles continues to open up by venting about his quarter-life crisis.

While “Quarter Century” seems like it could be heavy, it actually stays light.  The track lends itself to a relaxed groove that facilitates carefree vocals and pleasant melodies – elements that are associated with the Bee Gees or Tame Impala.  Melding everything together are lyrics like “Maybe there’s a chance that I just need time” and “I need to think things through,” making this a reflective, optimistic track.  You can check it out in the video below, where we see Charles searching for answers in the great outdoors.

About “Quarter Century,” Charles explains,

“I’m sure many people can relate to the idea that sometimes, we wish we could go back and do it all over again.  For me, I think about how I should have come out earlier, chose my friends more wisely, and maybe even approached my music career differently.  I have been stuck in an unhealthy cycle of comparing myself to others; instead of being encouraged by my achievements, I’ve been feeling discouraged by what I haven’t achieved.  This song is the devil and angel on your shoulder, one telling you to give up and one telling you to never stop believing in your dreams.”

You can listen to “Quarter Century” on platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Keep up with Charles On TV:  Instagram // TikTok // YouTube


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