Ella Galvin pursues someone who is emotionally unavailable on “Spare Me”


Before she moved out to New York to pursue a music career as a solo artist, Ella Galvin was performing with a variety of fusion bands. These bands helped her explore her sound as a pop soul artist and develop her skills as a performer. Ella’s experience so far can be heard in singles like “Like Before” and “Tiny City Lights,” where she expertly blends genres and weaves together telling stories of young fascination and introspection. She will let it all out on her upcoming debut EP, due out later this year, which is already getting plenty of buzz. For now, Ella gives us the project’s first single with “Spare Me.”

On “Spare Me,” Ella captures both the beauty and destruction of wanting someone who is not ready to reciprocate feelings for her. The song contains a mixture of genres, rhythms, and instrumentation, making it an experimental yet cohesive piece of work. Through the filling out and stripping back of the music, we get moments that are serene and moments that are tense, mimicking the moments that are going well and going sour for her in this situation. With a soulful, powerful voice, Ella sings, “And in the months to come, I’ll try my best to keep you off of my mind / But / This tequila doesn’t taste as good if I can’t see you tonight / I’m wondering / Am I in love or is it just ‘cause we’ll never get it right?” You can listen below.

Telling us more about “Spare Me,” Ella explains,

“I wrote this song in one sitting and never changed anything about it. It feels like the most genuine song I’ve ever written. It’s a sad and bittersweet song about loving someone who is emotionally unavailable and letting myself have feelings for someone and then thinking… ‘Was it worth it? Would it have been better to have never loved to spare myself the inconvenience?’ But it’s also ultimately about realizing that you don’t have to ‘Spare Me.’”

You can listen to “Spare Me” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Ella Galvin: X // Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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