In “Then We Kissed”, Electric Pets Rocks Out


Hot damn! Clear cut Rock and Roll! It’s been too long. Not to sound like a boomer or a Green Day billboard, but it’s super refreshing to hear something that just rocks.

In “Then We Kissed” by Electric Pets, not a punch is pulled and the listener is given a meat and potatoes, stick to your ribs rock experience. From the start, a classic rock (take a shot every time I say that word. Maybe a half-shot.) riff that could be lifted out of many different eras of rock music. To me, there’s a 50’s feel to the riff that is modernized by the tone of the guitar itself, which is, I must say, filthy and fantastic.

Straightforward and recognizable drum patterns are utilized to get the hips moving and heads banging. The crown jewel of this song is the chorus, with a totally sticky anthemic delivery of the songs title, “Then we kissed…” that is running through my head as I write this.

To add a little bit of drama, there is a breakdown section that is just a bass and the drums. This slowly builds into a right and proper jam and solo session that again is just a breath of fresh air in an era where repeating the chorus takes precedence over effective and interesting song arrangement. Jesus I feel my jeans riding up to my nipples, but when rock music is this good, I don’t care, I’d rather be 60 years old and living in that moment.

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