Lucy McWilliams Breaks The Mold in New Single “Plastic”


In a deft indie-rock bop, Lucy McWilliams breaks down the intricacies of building a fake persona that is more lovable than what she thinks her true self is. “Plastic” tugs at the heart strings of anyone who’s felt the need to put on a front for others.

We’ve got a few distinct sections here in this song and each of them serve a different aspect of this narrative. The broken down verse sections utilize playful but somber guitar riffs, wandering baselines, and a minimalist kick and snare pattern to set the scene.

The chorus comes in with a fully Weezer’d fuzz guitar tone after a moment of instrumental break. Chugging quarter notes fill the space. There’s a small jam as well that leans on guitar harmonies that are reminiscent of 90s power pop. All of it captures that 90s vibe, but McWilliams’ delivery keeps things contemporary and interesting.

Throw this song on and smash that plastic mold. Be you, baby boo.

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