Saint Stacy shares enigmatic romance in new single “Kind of Love”


Led by the versatile and gifted Swiss-based artist Kristina, SAINT STACY is a musical project that leads us through soundscapes of emotion and style. Kristina’s journey to SAINT STACY is as intriguing as the music itself. With a background steeped in both music and fashion, she brings a multifaceted approach to her artistry. As the former lead singer of the pop/electro band Kadebostany, Kristina honed her stage presence and musical intuition through over 300 performances across the globe. Now, under the moniker SAINT STACY, she continues to impose her name on the music scene with her magnetic charm and undeniable talent.

Her new single “Kind of Love” features bossa guitar patterns that establish a dreamy atmosphere while setting the stage for edgy trap beats. As the song progresses, SAINT STACY’s vocals take center stage. The electric hybrid hooks add a sense of intrigue to the song and keep us hooked from start to finish.

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