Casino Havana Unleashes Sonic Rebellion with “Capital Machine”


Hailing from Halifax, Casino Havana is an alt-rock fine-piece band known for their explosive live performances and notable collaboration with the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

Casino Havana’s sonic arsenal comprises punchy drums, heavy riffs, and unapologetically honest lyrics that cut through the noise. Their raw and energetic approach to music has become a rallying cry for those seeking an escape from the mundane and a soundtrack for those ready to challenge the status quo.

The latest offering from Casino Havana, “Capital Machine” is a blend of alt-rock grit and poetic lyricism. It delves into the stark realities of our world, where the rich amass wealth while the working class struggles to make ends meet.

In a society where the grind of minimum wage 9-5 jobs often feels like a form of modern-day servitude, “Capital Machine” is a defiant anthem that calls for change. The lyrics, delivered with a sense of urgency and rebellion, lay bare the harsh truth of a capitalist system that thrives on the labor of the many for the benefit of the few.

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