BOWIE’ finds inner strength on new track, “Good On My Own”


Photo credit: Ingo Stahl

With her upcoming EP set to release in September 2023, German independent artist BOWIE is ready to showcase her unique art-pop style to the world.

The singer’s musical journey began at a young age, influenced by her upbringing in a family of musicians. With her parents as professional musicians, she was immersed in a world of creativity from the start. She performed as a soloist with renowned orchestras and conductors, garnering recognition for her talent. Eventually, BOWIE moved to Hamburg, where she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and artistic autonomy.

As BOWIE’s career gained traction, she encountered the stark realities of the music industry. She faced expectations imposed by others, particularly in terms of appearance and behavior. A&Rs and managers, predominantly male and older, sought to mold her into a predefined image. BOWIE’s determination to break free from these constraints intensified when she became a young mother. Despite doubts from her peers, she has successfully proven that motherhood and a flourishing career can indeed coexist. Rejecting compromises, BOWIE founded her own label, ‘My Oh My-Records’, and embraced an indie and self-made path.

She returned with a track titled “Good All On My Own”, which encapsulates her exploration of independence and self-empowerment. Its lyrics convey a message of finding inner strength and contentment without relying on others. The accompanying music video perfectly embodies this sentiment, featuring BOWIE celebrating a birthday alone with a cake. Through her music, BOWIE encourages individuals to embrace their own autonomy and find joy within themselves.

BOWIE’s songs are characterized by disarmingly honest storytelling, drawing from her own experiences. She tackles the distorted portrayal of women in today’s society, highlighting the challenges of self-acceptance in an image-focused world. BOWIE’s music combines complex melodies, visually stunning lyrics, and unconventional chord progressions, infused with elements of pop, indie, and other genres. Collaborating with producer artist NAKED CAT, she creates a unique sound that defies categorization, reminiscent of artists like Regina Spektor and Ashe.

Stream “Good All On My Own” on Spotify.

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