Hazlett checks in on himself on ‘Goodbye to the Valley Low’


Recommended Tracks: “Blame The Moon,” “Missionary Feelings,” “Slow Running”
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The end of the year conjures up a lot of thoughts and feelings – so much so that it can be overwhelming. It is a time to look back on all that happened, taking a moment to celebrate all the wins and mourn any losses. Naturally, you are going to come up short in a few areas and exceed expectations in others. Regardless, there is still a chance to tie up any loose ends or get a head start on resolutions meant for the new year. There is also a chance to check out Goodbye to the Valley Low, the new EP from indie folk artist Hazlett. On this six-track EP, Hazlett pauses to check in on himself, ruminating over where he is and who is in his life. It is a raw project that will help others tap into what’s really going on right now and remember that they are not alone.

For anyone feeling a little pessimistic, Hazlett understands. He begins the EP with “Blame The Moon,” getting right to business. He touches on unfulfilled goals and a lack of motivation, his pensive lyrics only enhancing the moody vibes of the track. Over the quiet strumming, he sings, “Lately, I don’t feel inspired / I wish I was a better liar / Maybe that’s why I blame the moon,” trying to search for an answer. On “Slow Running,” he anticipates an answer in the form of bad news. While nothing is wrong, for now, he just knows that things will not stay this way forever. Paranoid, he asks, “When’s this ghost coming? / Is he slow running?” sure that something bad is bound to happen.

Hazlett’s cynical ways morph into longing on tracks like “Missionary Feelings” and “Cemetery.” Throughout the folk ballad stylings of “Missionary Feelings,” Hazlett highlights his dissatisfaction with his surroundings. All the while, he yearns for more, which comes through in the lines, “So, what’s the point of trusting? / You’re gonna leave me here with nothing / Oh, and everybody wants something.” While he is prepared to move forward, Hazlett also has a desire for the past. On “Cemetery,” he observes the ways his life is getting more complicated. He wishes he could just go back to his childhood, singing, “Oh, honey / Could you meet me down at the old cemetery?” wanting to escape.

Between the pessimism and the longing, Hazlett continues to hang on. With “Mama’s Boy,” he trusts that the right decisions will be made. In lines like, “Oh, you mama’s boy / Don’t stay the night / If you plan on breaking / Hearts to make some noise,” wanting a good outcome. The music that accompanies these lines sounds as if it is trying to be happy, almost mirroring the vibe of the words. On the closing “Stolen Seasons,” Hazlett tries to convince himself that he will get through a tough time. In the midst of losing faith, he sings, “Give me a season that you stole / Make me a reason not so cold,” determined to find a purpose.

With Goodbye to the Valley Low, Hazlett displays a raw, stripped-back sound that is reminiscent of earlier music, but it beautifully complements his profound stories. It is moving to hear him get personal, but he approaches these introspective lyrics with ease. Hazlett comes across with a sense of camaraderie, too, spilling his guts in the hope that others will want to do the same in return. The EP assures listeners that there is no danger in being candid about what is really going on in your life because it is likely that someone else out there has been there and understands.

You can listen to Goodbye to the Valley Low on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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