Maddy Davis is convinced she has found love on “Sally! I Met A Boy”


With fresh school years on the horizon, confusing feelings and coming-of-age experiences are sure to unfold as new classmates and assignments enter the chat.  Having a soundtrack to relate to can be vital during this time, which Maddy Davis has on-hand.  The upcoming singer, songwriter, and producer is due to release her debut EP MUD on September 29, containing tracks that capture her perfectly imperfect nature.  Following up the release of “Middle Kid” last month, Maddy is inviting more fans into her complicated yet down-to-earth world with “Sally! I Met A Boy.”

A sweet and sour indie pop track, “Sally! I Met A Boy” captures the drama and the innocence that comes when perpetually entering new relationships.  Over punchy guitar riffs and exploding drum beats, Maddy desperately tries to convince her older sister, Sally, that the new boy she met is different from the others.  She pleads, “Sally, I met a boy and he says he really loves me / When ya meet him, I hope you see what I see / I hope you think that I’m doing the right thing.”  Is she finally right this time?  Has she found love?  You can find out below.

On the inspiration behind the single, Maddy shares,

“When I wrote ‘Sally! I Met A Boy,’ I was notorious for falling too quickly and falling for the wrong people, but I really wanted [my older sister, Sally] to be able to trust me this time.  I was always calling her from LA, saying, ‘No, it’s for real this time,’ then I would get ghosted or the person was a complete sh*t, so of course she was going to be skeptical.” 

You can listen to “Sally! I Met A Boy” on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

Keep up with Maddy Davis:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Website

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