Hunter Falls Pines for His Lost Love in Upbeat New Single “Piece of Your Heart”


Belgium-based singer-songwriter Hunter Falls has just released his upbeat new single “Piece Of Your Heart” and it’ll have you dancing all the way through. Confronting a relationship gone south, this song sees Falls desperately pining for another chance with his lost love. While the subject matter may seem somewhat melancholy, the song itself is anything but. The energy present on the track gives us a sense of the frantic desperation Falls feels while trying to win another chance with the person he loves.

The track starts off with some dynamic electronics underneath a poppy drum beat and a bass guitar to drive it forward. Hunter Falls’ vocals are joined by a higher-pitched background vocal in the first verse, adding a unique touch. The pre-chorus amps up the energy with echoey vocal effects and an infectious rhythm.

The first chorus gives us a short break from the driving instrumentals as Falls sings “give me a piece of your heart” with an electronically distorted edge to his voice. When the drums kick back in, the song takes on an 80s-inspired vibe and it feels like the listener is running alongside Falls in an attempt to win back his lover.

The bass guitar takes center stage for the second verse, adding a bit of variety before things pick back up again. The glittery instrumental layers cascade over his vocals throughout, allowing the song to flow quickly and naturally along.

The catchy bridge prepares us for the last chorus, which is cinematic to say the least. With intense drum hits, synths that sound like explosions, and Falls’ energetic and fast-paced vocals, the end of the song will have listeners going wild. Check it out here.

“Piece of Your Heart” seamlessly combines influences from across genres, including elements of modern R&B, electronica, and pop music to create an exhilarating listening experience. We, for one, are certainly looking forward to hearing more like this from Hunter Falls.

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