Jordan Suaste Releases Highly Anticipated New Single “Love Who You Want To”


LA-based pop singer/songwriter Jordan Suaste has just released his dreamy new single “Love Who You Want To”, and it will inspire listeners to let go of their inhibitions and be themselves.

This track was born out of Suaste’s desire for genuine connection after so many conversations with people who are afraid to embrace love. It serves as an encouraging reminder both to Suaste himself and his LGBTQ+-forward community to keep putting themselves out there while being true to themselves. 

The track opens with a somber piano with subtle feedback in the background reminiscent of a cassette tape. Suaste’s soft and honest vocals come in, suggesting that his potential lover should come over to share a bottle of wine. The musical background combined with the lyrics gives us a cozy picture of what could be. 

As we move into the pre-chorus both the piano and Suaste’s vocals go up an octave, building tension as Suaste sings “‘cause I want you and I know you want me too”. He urges this person to be bold and stop hiding from the truth.

The chorus is emphatic, with glittery piano keys hitting underneath Suaste’s calls to action. His message is underlined by subtle background vocals as he sings “in case tonight they finally say today’s the day and there’s an asteroid on the way”, alluding to the idea that they should live like it’s their last chance. His vocal talent is on display as his voice glides through the chorus.

The music quickly calms back down to a simple piano with a little more reverb joined by some drums as we start the second verse. The message here is a little more urgent and in-the-moment as Suaste is finally with his lover. The pre-chorus comes in with raw vocal power and emphatic drum hits. 

The chorus returns in full swing with more emphasis than before and the end goes straight into the bridge with a seamless lyrical transition. The bridge brings even more urgency and borderline frustration as Suaste expresses his desire for connection. A background of ethereal choral vocals and harder hitting piano notes underscores the message. 

The lyrics “it’s been long enough” finish the bridge before the song strips down to vocals and piano for the first part of the chorus. As Suaste starts to sing the second part, the music explodes back in, mimicking the blast of an asteroid. The final part of the chorus is climactic before the song comes to an end with Suaste singing “love who we want to”. 

“Love Who You Want To” is an incredibly direct and emotional track. Suaste’s vocal talent is hugely evident throughout, while the music emphasizes the message at just the right points without being overpowering. With this track, Suaste has created a raw and powerful anthem not only for himself but also for his listeners, reminding them to always live true to themselves and embrace love. 

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