Felicia Lu Debuts Fiery New Single “Something Regrettable”


German indie/electro-pop artist Felicia Lu has debuted the lead single, “Something Regrettable”, from her new album of the same name. This fast-paced single is an absolute firecracker and is the perfect track to pull listeners into the rest of the album. Lu speaks about the concept of the song:

“I wrote ‘Something Regrettable’ about a past relationship with someone who treated you wrong. The feeling of relief after the grief and finally realizing you’re better off without that someone. The song is for everyone who is NOT missing their ex.”

The song starts off with a dark bass guitar before Lu’s equally dark and menacing vocals kick in. “Something Regrettable” gains energy leading up to the punchy chorus, which introduces some drum & bass elements and synths to give it a unique twist. Lu’s versatile voice effortlessly glides over the upbeat instrumentals, making the track even catchier. The electronic distortion of her voice along with some lyrics being spoken and whispered adds variety and personality to the song, driving it forward as her vocals simplify during the bridge. It ends with a burst of energy, leaving listeners feeling empowered.

This strong and relatable track will make listeners feel like they’re on top of the world. The feeling of relief that Lu mentioned permeates throughout the entire song, especially when she sings the lyrics “how could I never see that I’m above ya”. The track doesn’t have a single second of downtime, with seamless transitions and persistent drums. Even if you don’t relate to the song’s message, “Something Regrettable” will keep you dancing anyway.

If you like “Something Regrettable”, be sure to check out the rest of the album. On Something Regrettable, you can expect more dark indie-electro pop along with a deeper insight into Lu’s life. To celebrate the release of the album, she’ll be performing her first headlining show tomorrow, September 30th, at Flex in Vienna, Austria.

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