Brye Finds a Silver Lining on Debut Project RECOVER


Brye is a queer, self-produced songwriter who is gaining serious traction with her music that sheds light on the body positivity movement and empowers people everywhere to feel more at home in their own skin. With millions of streams on Spotify and upwards of 10 million likes on TikTok, Brye is clearly writing from a place of universal truth that listeners everywhere can connect with. Her newly released debut album RECOVER is a poignant profile on the flaws of our generation with visceral titles like “Direct Message”, “Ode to a Recession”, and “Diet Culture” biting through the surface of our plastic-wrapped reality and digging into something real. 

RECOVER features fleeting reverbs that drift through a dystopian ecosystem, ethereal riffs that illuminate the emotions behind each track, and an effervescent yet strong vocal from Brye. From exploring the haphazard throes of modern romance via DM, to candidly discussing her journey with an eating disorder, Brye uses her cornerstone experiences to find a silver lining. She sings, “I used to hate the younger chubby me / But now I welcome her with open arms.” RECOVER speaks to the universal desire of shedding the weight of society and embracing our true selves wholeheartedly.

Over the course of three years, Brye has already surpassed upwards of 80 million streams on Spotify alone. She has collaborated with artists including Cavetown, Addison Grace, Dacelynn and Frances Forever. RECOVER is her highly anticipated new release.

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