Stefano May Ruminates on the Strength of Humanity with “HIDEAWAY” and Debut Album


Stefano May is an Italian-born, Miami-based musician who blends his background as both a trained pianist and vocalist into the art he creates. His latest single “HIDEAWAY” is paired with the release of his debut self-titled album Stefano May. Inspired by a true story from May’s trip to Tijuana where he encountered a stranger who had lost everything, “HIDEAWAY” reminds us to be present and grateful for each moment. A testament to the power of empathy and a beacon of human connection that revealed itself to May under unexpected circumstances, “HIDEAWAY” is a tribute to the universal human experience. 

“HIDEAWAY” features deep, extravagant notes of piano lurking beneath an uninhibited vocal that bears its soul to the track. Stefano May sings, “I  want to have you look at me/ So I can feel your faith, feel your faith in me.” The music video for “HIDEAWAY” profiles May in a variety of intense atmospheres ranging from lonely alleyways to deserted beaches. “HIDEAWAY” speaks volumes to the importance of each interaction and proves how one conversation can shift the trajectory of your entire life. 

Revealing more on the man who inspired his song “HIDEAWAY”, Stefano May admits, “I was so captivated by his incredible experiences that I felt the need to capture this moment in music so that it would live forever in my memory. He reminded me how valuable we all are, even when faced with difficult circumstances.”

“HIDEAWAY” was released alongside Stefano May’s debut album. Featuring his uplifting single “We Are the Power” and introspective ballad “Crazy”, Stefano May is a fully immersive journey through the heart of an artist. 



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