Sumi X Tests her Beliefs on New Single “Protégé”


Sumi X is a Los Angeles based pop artist riding high on a wave of momentum from her debut release last spring entitled “Electric Baby” and her most recent summer single “Stay With Me”. Her newly unveiled track “Protégé” is a temptation-laced, darkly euphoric pop banger written about placing faith in questionable people or beliefs. 

“Protégé” will entrance you with symphonic strikes of violin, choppy beats that captivate the ear, and a withdrawn vocal that is just out of reach, to the point that it draws you further in. The single discusses the hyper-saturated world we live and how it is difficult to discern right from wrong when we’re surrounded by stimulation. Sumi X sings, “Let me be your protégé / Teach me all the magic of your ways.” “Protégé” draws to mind the ancient idea of false idols and repurposes the intense imagery for a whole new generation. 

Revealing more on her track, Sumi X admits, “All of us are searching in life, for something – or someone – to believe in. That’s what “Protégé” is about. Sometimes we worship false idols and put people or things on a pedestal when we shouldn’t. I think that’s all part of the process in search of truth.”

Sumi X made the jump to Los Angeles in 2021. Since then, she’s vigorously pursued her childhood dream of becoming a singer-songwriter and now has three singles under her belt. “Protégé” is her latest release. 

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