The Dionysus Effect Bear their Souls on Striking New Single


The Dionysus Effect is a three-piece rock outfit from New York named after the Greek God Dionysus. God of madness and ecstacy, the band incorporates Dionysus’ wild side into their decadent blend of darkwave indie, alt-rock, and grunge. Their latest single entitled “Everything the Darkness Eats” is a nightmarish serenade on our deep, cavernous fears buried beneath. Inspired by horror author Eric LaRocca’s novel, “Everything the Darkness Eats” draws from a prolific base of dark literature to enthrall you in its inescapable atmosphere.

The song opens with a chilling, tormented riff on an acoustic guitar paired with lead singer Christoph Paul’s grimly melodic vocal. As the track unfolds, it will spiral you into oblivion with electrically poignant riffs, pounding currents of percussion, and a stoic vocal that rises above the noise. Christoph Paul sings, “Everything the darkness eats, it comes to me – even in dreams.” The Dionysus Effect awakens our inner-demons with subliminal sonics that bring our fears to life. 

Revealing more on “Everything the Darkness Eats”, The Dionysus Effect admits, “As a band, we are all huge fans of horror and really see horror and rock music as artistic siblings. Eric’s novel took me back to being a kid, reading and watching Clive Barker for the first time. Barker created such hellish, memorable worlds with THE DAMNATION GAME and HELLRAISER and it felt Eric did something the same with Henley’s Edge in EVERYTHING THE DARKNESS EATS. Eric’s book tapped something deep in me with my own trauma and battles with depression and I wanted to express that—luckily I’m a songwriter.”

The Dionysus Effect has an impressive live circuit throughout New York. Composed of members Christoph Paul (lead vocals/ bass), Sean Quinn Hanley (guitar/backup vocals), and Brett Petersen (drums), The Dionysus Effect is trifecta of unbridled rock energy. “Everything the Darkness Eats” is their latest single. 

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