Jazz trio, Nite Bjuti, interweave complex notions of freedom on self-titled album


Recommended Tracks: “Stolen Voice”, “Mood (Liberation Walk)”, “Witchez”
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Nite Bjuti is a Brooklyn-Based jazz trio who converges their three unique experiences into a collectively sublime sound. The Afro Caribbean trio is made up of Candice Hoyes, Mimi Jones, and Grammy Award winning musician, Val Jeanty. Their new self-titled album Nite Bjuti is a transcendental voyage through themes of magic, the divine feminine, and liberation over a thought-provoking cascade of sonics.

“Mood (Liberation Walk)” is a profoundly percussive, subtly psychedelic entry into Nite Bjuti’s vividly abstract world. Grounded in setting, Nite Bjuti paints a darkly unforgettable vignette around distorted domesticity. Lead singer Candice Hoyes croons an eerie array of nursery rhymes before singing, “Ask yourself; What’s the point of freedom if you don’t feel free?” Broadly existential questions build contrast with nurturing settings of a childhood neighborhood encompassing the jarring ‘coming of age’ experience that we all must face. “Mood (Liberation Walk)” is only just the opening track of a journey that breaches the limits of the human experience with wanderlust, avant-garde sonics and richly extracted experiential narratives. 

Focus track “Witchez” is an unsettling characterization of malevolence classified by striking stings, riffs that trip over each other in a fever, and breathless harmonies that reverberate long after the music’s over. Inspired by a decadent archive of folklore, Nite Bjuti spins a  bone-chilling web that embodies a desolate haunted house. The trio toys with how cryptic, uneasy landscapes can be brought to life through sharp rhythmics and pensive lyrics that stretch with tension as the track progresses. 

“Stolen Voice” combines a deep-cut, earthy string section, ravenous crescendos of percussion that ripple like a wave, and a tender yet sturdy vocal from Candice Hoyes. The song chronicles a magnetic, all-encompassing romance that devours the mind. Nite Bjuti muses on force of nature chemistry that draws together two souls with intense sonics that elevate Hoyes’ emotive performance to the surface. 

Nite Bjuti is an album that awakens your individual power. The abstract structure and ruminative lyrics allow space for self-discovery in the ears of each listener. A confluence of Black storytelling through three musicians eyes, Nite Bjuti is layered with burgeoning ideas that will haunt you in the best way. 

Listen to Nite Bjuti on spotify here.

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