Donna Lewis Sees Both Sides of Her Battle on New Single “The Imposter”


Donna Lewis is an iconic vocalist who you’d recognize from her #2 Billboard-charting hit “I Love You, Always Forever”. Her latest work alongside esteemed electronic producer Holmes Ives profiles the many stages and conflicting emotions that unravelled during her recent journey with breast cancer. Her newly released single “The Imposter” is about the darkness and light that often appeared simultaneously for Lewis as she battled with chemotherapy. Noting on the dualism of her thoughts, Lewis lets herself surrender on “The Imposter” and feels everything all at once.

“The Imposter” draws together breathlessly iridescent vocals, silken atmospherics, and sharp-pointed beats that zero in on our anxieties. While “The Imposter” notes on Lewis’ impending fear going into chemo, it also captures her strength to overcome each obstacle and all the people that helped her along the way. She sings, “Thank you for making me feel brave when I didn’t feel brave.” “The Imposter” is a viscerally electric reverie on recovery as Lewis offers an inside window into her transformative experience.

Revealing more on “The Imposter”, Lewis calls her track, “An anthem for anyone who’s ever felt the dark and the light together; anyone who’s felt fear and bravery all at the same time.”

Donna Lewis and Holmes Ives have partnered on a full-length project exploring the depths of Lewis’ battle with breast cancer. Her record-breaking single “I Love You, Always Forever”made history as the first song to surpass one million spins on US radio. “The Imposter” is her latest release.
Listen to “The Imposter” Here

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