KiKi Holli Finds Strength and Power in LGBTQ+ Community


KiKi Holli, Pittsburgh born, Los Angeles based, pop artist who infuses groove-laced bass lines and utterly infectious hooks into everything she does. Her latest single was produced by the Grammy-nominated Ethan Allen for a track that enthralls the ear from start to finish. Entitled “PRETTY BOYS”, Holli’s latest release is an anthemic love-letter dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. Hitting all the dopamine centers with lavish euphorics that toe the line between dance and pop, “PRETTY BOYS” will leave you with a rush like no other. 

The single is filled to the brim with decadent layers of synth, disco-reminiscent beats, and honey-spun harmonies that collide seamlessly. Holli’s lead vocal is strong and empowered, to the point that her confidence is contagious. She sings, “Cages that you put me in / I always break free, I always win.” With transcendent lyrics that encourage self-acceptance on every level, “PRETTY BOYS” will give you something to celebrate. Unravelling over a lush partyscape, Holli plunges through the depths of attraction, fixation, and cathartic release amidst a whirlwind of vibrant sonics.

Unveiling more about the single, KiKi Holli admits, “I see this song as a nod to the LGBTQ+ community. It’s about finding your strength and power in that community, in friendship and on the dance floor.”

KiKi Holli has always found a safe haven for expression in music. From her childhood spent playing the guitar, saxophone and viola, to her BFA in voice and theater, the arts have always been a cornerstone of her life. “PRETTY BOYS” is her latest release.

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