Chaz Cardigan Spits “Oakblood” in New Single


Chaz Cardigan takes us intravenous in their new single “Oakblood”. 

With an attention grabbing intro composed of a single word, Cardigan immediately ropes the listener in tight for 3 minutes of jammy bopping that conveys a powerful message. An ensemble of bright acoustic guitars, live and programmed drums, synthesizers, and electric guitars create a comfortable bed for Cardigan’s tastily tape-distorted vocals.

Moments of emphasis and synchronization with unison synth and vocal lines are interspersed through the track and keep listener attention, and we’re better off for that ear candy. One would be remiss not to key in to the poignant lyrics of this track. The metaphor of “oakblood” represents strong and deep rooted resolve.

There are definite influences being pulled from here. Cardigan does so discerningly with his own unique flavor, mostly found in an expressive and bold delivery of those charged lyrics.

Put Oakblood” on your motivation playlist and dance along the path to becoming the best version of yourself.


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