Analog Dog Sends a Message with Saccharine Psychedelia in their New Single, “all the birds”


all the birds”, the hypnotic new single by Analog Dog, reels you in with irresistible groove and keeps you around with compelling lyricism surrounding climate change.

Annapolis, MD

From the first flanged out second of this song, the listener knows they’re in for a trip. Without being excessive or derivative, Analog Dog uses their prowess in psych rock to hook the listener. Fun flourishes like reverse sections, phasers, wahs, synthesizers, and more make for a (literally) warm vibe.

When I say literally warm, I mean it. The refrain of the chorus is “…and I just got all hung up on the world getting warm.” Throughout the track, poignant and punchy lyrics deliver an unmistakable message about climate change. Alliterations are used deftly to forward the point while simultaneously delivering some ear candy.

Dynamics are well expressed in all the birds”, with a classic jam taking the song out after a quiet section builds excitement and tension. A full cut in instrumentation really allows the outro guitar solo to come in with authority.

“all the birds” delivers on all of its intentions. The more you lock into its message and its groove, the more you want to hear it again and again.

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