M’Lynn refuses to “Fade Away” with the release of groovy and exciting new single


M’Lynn, a singer, songwriter ,and pianist hailing from Dallas, Texas has just released the single “Fade Away.” With a voice that could easily conform to R&B, soul, or even commercial pop, M’Lynn projects pure emotions in a playful manner that almost teases the listener. 

The artist isn’t new to the music business, though. A seasoned creator, she began her career at age 15 while still attending high school. In2017, she worked with producers Josh Goode and Bradley Prakope on her debut EP, which caused her to blossom in her local music scene and even created a buzz in Europe.

While some of her previous releases – like 2018 EP Grounding – contain drum tracks that can be compared to soulful early-2000’s works like Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane, a groovy bassline is something that has remained consistent throughout her discography. This is a vision that is seen throughout her fellow graduates of Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing arts like Edie Brickell and Erykah Badu. 

The release of “Fade Away,” though, contains slightly more prominent production, but this heavier production is tastefully executed in a way that does not distract from her immense talent as a vocalist. The track contains many more layers and nuanced choices than her earliest work, emulating artists like Blood Orange in the sultry arrangement of predominantly percussion and bass.

Taking it back to an artist that the young adult age demographic will surely remember, M’Lynn’s voice carries a rasp and a grit that was found all over the radio in the voice of Alessia Cara. What sets these two incredible musicians apart is the deeper register that M’Lynn sings in, sucking the listener into the music and refusing to let go.

Keep up with M’Lynn: // Spotify // Tiktok


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