Vermont-Based Dumbanimals team up with Grammy-winning engineer Ben Arrindell for new single “Scribble”


Vermont-based small group of self-proclaimed “miscreants, madmen, and misanthropes” The Dumbanimals have only released two singles, but already their sound is a unique cultivation of all its creators hold dear.

Given the group is still fresh and new – at least in the realm of their music being released on streaming services – it is an incredible feat that the group has already been working with Grammy award-winning sound engineer Ben Arrindell for their production. If that isn’t enough to motivate you to check them out, members of the group have a whole slew of tricks up their sleeve.

Deeply interested in the macabre and all things satirical, frontman Len Kenyon has earned the titles of illustrator, writer, musician, and, famously, “nincompoop” through an extensive portfolio. His work has ranged from illustrating children’s stories to serving as the Art Director and VP of such publications as Vermont Magazine, Stratton Magazine, The Vermont News Guide, and Manchester Life.

Kenyon’s lyricism gives listeners a taste of his inclination for wacky forms of expression, in a manner similar to artists like Beck. Lyrics from “Oh my god, your teeth,” to “Fugazi on your t-shirt / there’s fish all over your face” draw parallels to Beck’s “Loser,” jumping from elaborate metaphors to simple phrases in a way that can only be described as clever.

Lyrics aside, the arrangement of the track is nothing short of impressive. From consistent harmonies that are possibly derivative of Ben Folds Five to energetic, punk-influenced drums to intentionally monotonous guitar, every aspect of this single was expertly curated.

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