Maggie Andrew is better than her ex in new single “Better Than You”


From the impact of Tiktok on the music industry has emerged a sort of sub-genre that some would call “Gumdrop Pop.” Confident female artists will provide feminine and sweet vocals, but they are shrouded in an outer layer of coarseness that threatens to scrape you if you get too close. 

Maggie Andrew is one such Gumdrop Pop artist, and her latest release of “Better Than You” is not one to be missed.

The boastful, catchy track contains an upbeat and consistent guitar part, with a sting that emulates artists like Blink-182. This air of edginess can be accredited to the fact that Maggie lost her voice while attending a songwriting camp in 2022, therefore was not able to sing like normal. As a result, the single differs from much of her discography, with a slightly faster and more in-your-face energy. Her 2022 single “Little Bitch” contains a guitar track similar to that of “Better Than You,” and both songs are direct and upbeat.

If that isn’t your jam, fear not. 2021 track “ILMIHM” draws similarities to Pop Rap icon Doja Cat, which stirs up excitement for everything else Maggie has in store for the coming years.

Circling back to “Better Than You” having origins within a songwriting camp, the process surely was effective. The track has ample potential for both commercial and radio success, and contains all of the components necessary for a danceable track that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

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