Timeshare’s newest single “Digital” brings listeners back to the real world


Formerly known as The BGP, the band Timeshare has released a new single titled “Digital.” This new single is all about how much the internet influences everyone, especially Generation Z. The track begins with a piano intro echoing a minor ballad. The tone shifts seconds later, making way for a funk beat. This funk beat lies over more disturbing lyrics, which illustrate the impact that social media has on humanity.

Lead by 2 frontmen – Brandon Ghorley and Phinisey, and features guitarist Philip Steven Hopper – Ghorley aspires to be experimental within the genre of pop. The genre of pop is very formulaic. For many musicians, it can be hard to express their creative identities while also giving their prospective audiences songs that they would enjoy. “Digital” is a clear expression of the creative power that musicians possess over their craft. It is the voice of a generation that no longer wants to be consumed by their screens. Gen Z is beginning to understand the cost of growing up with social media and what that does to one’s mental health. This song is certainly a push to get teens and young adults away from social media and back into the real world. Even though teens and young adults seem to be affected the most from social media, every generation is affected equally.

Ghorley, sings: “Golden hour sunset and it wasn’t on a screen, all the muted colors, they were reaching out for me,” lay on top of a groovy bass and funky synth, making the song danceable and fun to listen to. He describes catfishers on the internet as being a part of the Catfish Casanova, which is a striking comparison.

He sings about the feeling of having dirt beneath your fingertips, alluding to the terrible feelings associated with spending too much time on social media: “I am somebody. More than likes and fake uploads/I am somebody, living in this digital world.” Humanity and personhood is not determined by how many likes or posts one has on social media.

He consistently sings in the chorus: “I am somebody living in this digital,” implying that the digital world has taken over his real life.

“Digital” is urging people to get off of their phones and experience life for all of its beauty.

Stream “Digital” on Spotify.

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