Housewife Reclaims a Woman’s Intuition on “King of Wands”


Debuting a more mature, indie-rock based sound in March with “Fuck Around Phase,” Housewife is still going strong and making moves. The force behind Housewife, known as Brighid Fry, is using their platform to speak on issues important to them, the newfound indie rock sound helping to amplify their voice. Brighid uses Housewife to get their points across, whether those points address equality, reproductive rights, or environmentalism. Speaking out on the Patriarchy with their new single, “King of Wands,” Housewife continues to spread the word and their unapologetic sound.

A lo-fi, indie rock track with dynamic choruses, “King of Wands” takes back the power. With an innocent charm, Housewife delivers lines like, “I saw it coming, so the blame is mine / I’ve got the future written down my spine / Gave up my power for a really cheap price / ‘Cause no one likes a know-it-all,” observing an inner conflict that doubles as an outward struggle. It all comes out in the choruses, though, when we hear, “I wish I was the king of wands / But really, I’m Cassandra / The girl that I’ll ignore / When she’s got all the answers / Intuition wasted on a man I don’t know,” the secret details being revealed. You can check it out below.

About “King of Wands,” Brighid explains,

“‘King of Wands’ is a song about the Patriarchal attempts to diminish women’s confidence in their own intuition. Women’s intuition, spirituality, and solidarity are things that keep us safe and thriving – I wanted to write a song about reclaiming that.”

You can listen to “King of Wands” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch Housewife on their upcoming tour here.

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