Alma Grace honors her heritage on ‘FRIDA’ EP



Recommended Tracks:  Aventura, Girl Fight
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At 21 years old, Alma Grace is already leaving behind a strong legacy that would make her ancestors, and Frida Kahlo, very proud.  Having performed on Broadway, worked with the U.S. Senate, and landed roles on a variety of movies and television shows, Alma has shown that she is not only talented, but an inspiration to those with many passions and interests.  Ready to embrace her passion for music, Alma is now making her mark with her debut EP, FRIDA.

On FRIDA, Alma Grace highlights moments in the late Frida Kahlo’s life that have influenced her own journey and understanding of the world.  We hear a promiscuous tale on “Girl Fight,” for instance, which pulls from an affair that Kahlo had with her husband’s mistress.  Alma playfully sings to the other woman, “Saw him look you up and down from the first time you stepped in the door” and “Tell our mutual friend it has come to an end,” entertaining the idea of teaming up with her for revenge.  We also have the foreboding “Relámpago,” which ties the physical pain that Kahlo experienced after a traumatic bus accident with the emotional pain Alma felt after being sexually assaulted.  Choosing not to be a victim, Alma exclaims, “The lightning wakes me from my sleep,” and gets ready to strike.

To back up such illuminating and expressive stories, the music on FRIDA fuses lively melodies and rhythms from traditional Latin music and modern pop songs.  There is a recurring acoustic guitar riff that guides us through “Aventura,” for example, and gives way to dreamy, dance-inducing choruses.  Overall, each track has its own special thing going on, be it the guitar riff or an intricate skid-like beat, that makes the song its own and adds dimension to the project.  These idiosyncrasies also emphasize those moments when Alma transitions from English to Spanish, making the tracks as cohesive and vibrant as possible.

When asked about the EP, Alma mentioned, “When I listen to these songs, I hear my transformation from an angsty teen to a semi-independent young adult.”  This transformation comes through very clearly, especially when comparing the last two tracks to the first.  In the beginning, Alma humors her curiosity, looking for ways to take chances.  By the end of FRIDA, however, Alma has come into her own, honoring her roots on “Aztlán” and her relentless spirit on “Relámpago,” which closes the project.

Even though FRIDA is a brief listen, the EP paints lasting impressions.  Alma does well to make the story and spirit of Frida Kahlo palpable and relevant, and beautifully showcases why the world-renowned artist was such an inspiration to her.  Whether you seek empowerment, guidance, or just an escape from your day-to-day, FRIDA is more than able to provide.  There are many ways Alma can go from here, but this debut ensures that the young artist is on the right path.

You can listen to FRIDA on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

Keep up with Alma Grace:  Website // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram


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