Alexa Cappelli wants the best for everyone on “Someone Better”


The breakup process is never easy, especially when the other person is great. In the end, you have to let them go because the relationship just isn’t working – it’s nothing against them at all. Even though it is the best and most obvious decision for all involved, it can come with complicated feelings, as told by Alexa Cappelli on her new single, “Someone Better.” Following singles like “Lose Lose” and “Temporary,” “Someone Better” displays the same honesty and vulnerability shown on these previous tracks, making it another heartfelt addition to Alexa’s repertoire.

A stirring piano-based ballad with melodies that simply reel you in, “Someone Better” focuses on moving on. It begins softly with piano and Alexa’s earnest vocals before the sounds of acoustic guitar join in, adding drama and dimension. She sings, “I wish that this was easy / Don’t want to believe it / I wish I could be mad but it’s / Not like you yelled at me / Or said something terribly wrong.” She then comes to the bittersweet conclusion, “I could never dream of someone better than you / Just someone better for me.” You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Someone Better,” Alexa explains,

“‘Someone Better’ is the realization that the relationship you’re in doesn’t fit the life you’re living for. There’s nothing wrong with the other person, if fact, there’s really only good. But you know the future holds more growth and love for both of you apart rather than together. Choosing yourself is way more difficult when you aren’t mad at this person who has only ever treated you right. But moving forward, there will be a day when you meet someone somewhere who does the same and is also growing in the same direction.”

You can listen to “Someone Better” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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