Quarters of Change rock their sold-out NYC hometown show



Alternative rock band Quarters of Change sold out NYC’s Irving Plaza Saturday night as part of their Into The Rift tour. A hometown show for the New York City natives, the 4-piece band proved why they are artists on the rise.

Opening the show was El Paso band late night drive home who played multiple tracks off their 2022 debut album How Are We Feeling? much to the audiences delight. Lead Singer Andre Portillo took the stage in a large furry hat – perfect for the NYC cold front that was passing through. The band opened with “Awkward Conversations” and “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” off of the album as guitarist Juan “Ockz” Vargas and bassist Freddy Baca jammed out along with fellow member and drummer Brian Dolan. late night drive home continued their indie-rock set with “Painted Lady,” “Falling Apart,” and “Over The Garden” from How Are We Feeling? interspersed with tracks “Nostalgic Love Rock,” “Stress Relief,” and “Euphoria” from their 2021 EP Am I sinking or Am I swimming?

Quarters of Change are creating an alt-rock resurgence with their high-energy performances, proven immediately as the band launched into “Jaded” off their 2022 debut album Into The Rift once they took the stage.

Dressed in a fur coat and sunglasses, lead vocalist Ben Roter looks the part of a grunge rocker. Fellow members Ben Acker and Jasper Harris both on guitar are decked out in leather, while drummer Attila Anrather wears a tee stating “I love my hot girlfriend.” 

The band never loses their cool as they play through more energizing tracks from the album including “Blue Copper,” “Ms. Dramatic,” “T Love,” and “Chloe” before launching into “I Only Love You” from their 2020 EP Hey. 

Throughout their set, Ben Roter rotates between gliding across the stage with his mic stand and rocking out on his guitar as the band continues with “Dead,” “To Let Go,” and “Kiwi,” before ending

their set with “Depression,” one of the bands first releases. 

The night is not over as the crowd cheers for an encore which the band gladly obliges to; choosing to close with “Sofia” and the guitar-heavy track “Rift” which gives Roter the perfect send off as he jumps into the crowd.

Photos by Ann Storlie (@ast_lie) and Website
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