YOUR ANGEL tries to fight away the loneliness on “Good Girl”


It was all sunshine and sparkles for YOUR ANGEL the last time we heard from her. The Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter released “Misbehave,” which was about the intoxicating rush that comes when incorporating a new love into your life. Even though it came out in January, the song can still be a go-to jam for this time of year, appropriate for any dreamy Valentine’s Day playlist. But for every song about the thrill of young love comes a song about the pain of young love, which we hear on YOUR ANGEL’s new single “Good Girl.”

On “Good Girl,” YOUR ANGEL expands on the loneliness in an unstable relationship. We feel this downhearted energy right away, as ominous synth riffs and slithering melodies set the mood. We dip in and out of this troubled state the more we go through the track, these dark hues turning into brighter shades as we hear overlapping beats and lighter vocals. It is clear that these different soundscapes represent the loneliness and then the companionship that YOUR ANGEL experiences, made all the more real when she sings, “I’m alone / You come over and I like it / I’m alone / Can’t keep your word, try and fight it.” You can check out a live performance of the track below.

Giving us more details about “Good Girl,” YOUR ANGEL shares,

“It’s a song about dating someone who always has their sights set somewhere else. It’s about the feeling of spending all of your time with someone and still feeling profoundly alone.” 

“Good Girl” is the third single from YOUR ANGEL’s upcoming sophomore LP, A Star in the Headlights, due for release March 17. You can pre-save the album here. For now, you can listen to “Good Girl” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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