Weekly Roundup: November 28


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Bailey’s” – Subtle Orange
If the November chill has you feeling down, Subtle Orange‘s new single, “Bailey’s,” is the antidote. The song tells the story of a carefree young couple, who, like the band, is unafraid to bend the rules.
– Lexi Whitney


2. “Forgive Me” – BoA
The track is a masterful mix of genres, combining traditional K-pop with crushing electric guitars and some alternative elements, as well as showcasing BoA’s incredible range and ability to tap into multiple vocal styles. She seamlessly transitions from breathy falsetto crooning, to a hip-hop type flow, to effortless belting without breaking a sweat, ensuring that the listener gets something new at every turn
– Noah Wade


3.  “Mercury in Retrograde” – Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne’s Love Sux: Deluxe Edition was released last week with a slew of bonus tracks, including her latest single “I’m a Mess” ft. YUNGBLUD. However, my favorite has to be this punchy track about the stars not being aligned with the object of your desire.
– Chelsea


4. “flowers” – joan
Lyrically, the storytelling element alone makes the song worth listening to, but the duo doesn’t stop there. Rife with word painting—including an iconic and aptly-timed laugh track—and full of impressively-layered instrumentals, [“flowers”] is a showcase of everything they do well.
– Marisa Graham


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. Subtle Orange – “Bailey’s”
2. Eleanor – “Make Sense”
3. Nicky Youre – “Eyes On You”
4. Essy – “Dear Kathleen”
5. BoA – “Forgive Me”
6. Courtney Farren – “Care”
7. Michael Mayo ft. Raúl Raspao – “Oye”
8. LOUD HOUND – “Keep Ya Head Up”
9. Jet Vesper – “Kissing the Wrong People Goodnight”
10. Avril Lavigne – “Mercury in Retrograde”
11. Valkyrie – “Loser”
12. Virginia To Vegas – “break up with that guy.”
13. Jung Kook ft. BTS and FIFA  SOUND- “Dreamers”
14. Emotional Oranges – “On My Way”
15. joan – “flowers”
16. SOMOH – “I Know You Care”


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