Caravãna Sun’s touches on themes of grief in “Keep My Love Close”


Caravãna Sun’s latest track “Keep My Love Close” blends indie electronica deeply with themes of grief and enduring connections. The track showcases the band’s evolution into the indie electronic realm while still maintaining their authentic sound, ranging from sun-drenched reggae to sweeping synth-indie grooves.

The song opens with a pulsing kick pattern and delicate arpeggiated synths, allowing the vocal melodies that soar throughout the track. Caravãna Sun’s vocals uplift the listener with a sense of hope, offering a stark contrast to the weighty lyrical themes exploring loss and longing.

The track, produced in collaboration with Joel Quartermain and mixed by Peter Holz, is a sound reminiscent of acts like Empire Of The Sun or Foals, yet uniquely Caravãna Sun. The song delves into singer/guitarist Luke Carra’s personal journey of coping with the loss of his stillborn baby named Daisy. It speaks to the longing to maintain a strong connection through grief, portraying a love that transcends loss and endures.

Having toured extensively across Europe and Australia, their shows promise an unforgettable experience for fans.

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