Noak Hellsing Offers a Glimpse into his debut EP ‘YESTERYEAR’ with “Get Real”


Photo by Lamia Karic

Noak Hellsing‘s latest offering, “Get Real,” is a glimpse into the emerging Swedish singer-songwriter’s debut EP, YESTERYEAR. Boasting a seamless fusion of soul and pop, “Get Real” delivers a laid-back yet direct style that effortlessly captivates the listener. From the moment the recurring synth loop kicks in, you’re transported into Noak’s musical world. It’s clear that Noak is here to make his mark on the international pop scene.

For Noak, songwriting is a passionate expression of his love for music and sometimes even a form of therapy. He channels his feelings, experiences, and heartfelt topics into his songs, crafting them into relatable pop gems that have the power to touch hearts worldwide. His dream is for people across the globe to connect with his music and find solace in it during life’s more challenging moments.

“I mainly write about things I have experienced, but also about things in my surroundings. I want my music to be recognizable, and that is the general starting point. For me, melodic language and sound are just as important as the lyrics. And when it comes to lyrics I tend to dig in relationships. Not necessarily romantic relationships but all kinds of relationships.”

“Get Real” suggests that even in difficult times or personal struggles (“your darkest hour”), the person still shines brightly, symbolically “lighting up the sky.” However, there’s a sense that this brightness might go unnoticed or unappreciated by others, leading to a feeling of loneliness or isolation, “but you might just be the only one who’s loving you tonight.”

With each new release from his upcoming EP, Noak Hellsing unveils different facets of his artistry, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new dimensions of his inner self. “Get Real” is just another stepping stone on his musical journey, and it’s evident that he’s ready to embrace whatever creative avenues lie ahead.

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