Best Bear Tackles Painful Theme of Manipulation on “Gaslighter”


Photo by Eric Schaeffer

Best Bear, an indie-pop/alt rock band from Philadelphia, has released a music video for their bold and introspective track with “Gaslighter.”

“Gaslighter” tackles the painful theme of manipulation and psychological control. The words cut through the music, expressing the frustration and turmoil of being trapped in a toxic relationship. Best Bear’s songwriting prowess shines through as they poetically narrate the struggles of someone who has been deceived and manipulated, inviting listeners to empathize with the emotional turmoil they convey.

The lead vocalist, Blue’s delivery is both raw and emotive, perfectly capturing the vulnerability and anguish embedded within the song’s narrative. Their voice commands attention and immerses the listener in the intensity of the lyrics. The vocal performance is filled with a mix of strength and fragility.

The chorus bursts forth with an anthemic quality. The melodies make it an instantly memorable and emotionally charged moment within the song.

An anthem for sure.

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