The Uneasy gear up for their debut album with “In the Depths”


Emerging onto the music scene in 2020, progressive alt-rockers, The Uneasy, are gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of their debut full-length album, Time to Kill. As an enticing teaser, the band dropped their lead single, “Dangerous Expectations,” in June, challenging listeners to resist headbanging and not embrace a spirited attitude.

The band’s recent release, “In the Depths,” once again dives into their signature weighty sound, expertly showcasing dynamic elements. The verses unveil a sinuous interplay between the bass and vocals, counterbalanced by the chorus’s fuzzy rock goodness. This track emerges as a resounding anthem that delves into the aftermath of introspection.

The band puts it this way: 

“In the Depths” is about learning to accept the darkness that lies within each and every one of us. It’s about personal growth and going deep down to find empathy for yourself. We all have parts of ourselves that we try to hide from the rest of the world. “In the Depths” is the journey of acquiring the capacity to love those parts the rest of the world deem unfavorable.

When we learn to appreciate the most undesirable parts of ourselves we accept who we are as a whole. When we work with our shadow instead of hiding from it or actively fighting against it, sometimes you can find your greatest weakness may just be your superpower.

With a lineup of musicians who excel in their craft, The Uneasy stands on the brink of greatness. Be sure to keep an ear towards them—their music will leave you feeling nothing but invigorated.

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