Rorey sings about the struggle of finding one’s true self on “Mirror”


New York’s rising star ROREY has released her long awaited debut EP, Apt 7d. Accompanying the release of her EP, is a music video for “Mirror,” the focus track from the EP. The release of this track follows her release of “Emotional Hangover.”

The song opens with a delicate guitar, setting a somber and contemplative tone. ROREY’s vocals enter softly, filled with vulnerability and emotion. The lyrics go into the struggle of finding one’s true self in a world filled with expectations and illusions. As the song progresses, the chorus emerges, engulfing the listener in a wave of synth and emotions.

A track of self-acceptance and coming to terms with one’s flaws and imperfections, “Mirror,” portrays a feeling of frustration and struggle in lines like “wasting my time tryna keep up the pace, always looking for someone to blame.” Reflecting on a common experience of trying to navigate life’s challenges, the track also portrays a sense of accountability and the consequences that come with negative behavior or mindset with lines like “I’m on my worst behavior. Catches up to you sooner or later.”

Listen to “Mirror” and Apt 7d on Spotify now.

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